Blood Pool Contrast Agent

Fenestra VC contrast agent is used for preclinical angiography, liver and spleen imaging of small animals. It is a specialized version of Fenestra LC in which the surface of the lipid emulsion particles is modified to increase residence time in blood pool.

With Fenestra VC, the delayed uptake by liver cells produces an agent with superior blood pool imaging properties that last for several hours after injection.

IP Injections of Fenestra Contrast Agents

The intravascular (IV) or tail vein injection procedure in small animals is challenging and is often related to failed attempts. To reduce amount of failed attempts, usually this technique requires a highly skilled and trained technician with much experience performing IV injections.

One advantage of Fenestra contrast agents is that they can be administered in intraperitoneal (IP) space.

Featured Service: Nano-encapsulation for Drug Delivery

A proprietary method for encapsulating drugs into nanoparticles is used and works with a wide array of materials such as various polymers and polysaccharides.

The proprietary method is ideal for increasing delivery of candidate agents to disease sites and crossing the blood brain barrier and other physiological barriers within the body.