DHOG (Polyiodinated Tryglicerides)

Product: DHOG (ITG)

1,3-bis-[7-(3-amino-2,4,6-triiodophenyl)-heptanoyl]-2-oleoyl glycerol

Composition & function: ITG synthetic compounds mimic naturally occurring triglycerides that consist of long chain fatty acids – (polyiodoaryl)alkanoic acid derivatives are attached to a substituted glycerol core to provide agents capable of x-ray signal attenuation for CT imaging.  Due to their formulation properties, these compounds can be used for manufacture of a delivery vehicle such as an oil-in-water emulsion that targets hepatocytes.  These synthetic compounds can also be used to reconstitute low density lipoprotein vehicles.
Purity: Over 90%
Application: Assessing hepatocyte function, CT imaging
Disciplines: Oncology, liver disease, fatty acid metabolism
CAS#: 161466-45-1
Molecular weight: 1518.48
Chemical structure: DHOG


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