Easy Box CO2 Induction System

Easy Box CO2 Induction System

Product: The Easy Box CO2 induction system simplifies the induction procedure and reduces stress in small animals during euthanesia.
Features: The Easy Box module is directly placed to the standarized Tecniplast cage box of type II or type III.  At the end of the cycle, CO2 gas is extracted automatically from the outlet port of the CO2 Easy Box to a Soda canister or a CO2 inlet evacuation wall mount system. The controller has an LCD screen for selection of settings (storage of multiple programs) and safety feature which automatically ends operation if problem is detected.
Specifications: Weight: 2,5 kg (depending on the Box adapter type ll or type lll)
Dimensions: 275 x 175 x 130 mm
Power input: 24 VDC – 1A
CO2 input: 1 – 5 Bar (15 – 70 PSI)
Extraction: Diameter 22 standard hose
Price: Contact us at info@medilumine.com or toll free (1 844 360 1574) for pricing information.


CO2 induction of small animals for experimental research – developed according to 2010/63/EU directive which regulates policy for experiments with the handling of the animal.



The process of induction with Easy Box involves a filling, a maintenance and gas extraction phase. The induction was developed for European Commission guidelines to be automated, safe and strictly reproducible.