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Mvivo Gold Nanoparticles
Product: Colloidal gold contrast for small animal micro-CT imaging
Description: Colloidal gold contrast agent for high resolution microCT angiography and tumor imaging. Offered exclusively by MediLumine and co-developed with Cytodiagnostics Inc., a leader in manufacture of gold nanoparticles for Biology and Medicine.
Application: Vascular anatomy and angiogenesis, tumor imaging.
Disciplines: Oncology
Particle size:  14 ±2 nm
Concentration: 200 mg/ml
Optical density: 3500
Storage buffer: 10 mM Phosphate Buffered Saline (1x PBS)
Product information:  Certificate of Analysis


Small Animal Micro-CT of Brain Vasculature

3D reconstruction of mouse brain vasculature from µCT measurements acquired with Siemens Inveon multimodal imaging system. Courtesy of Dr. Michael Lamba, University of Cincinnati.

Long lasting (over 24 hours) vascular contrast for tumor and vascular imaging

Mvivo Au Long Last micro-CT Contrast

Axial slice showing vascular contrast for microCT scan 26 hours post-injection of Mvivo Au at doses of 100 uL (right), 150 uL (left), and 200 uL (top). Courtesy of Dr. Timothy Doyle, Stanford University


micro-CT Imaging of Rodent Brain Vasculature

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