Mvivo AuNHS

Mvivo AuNHS for Targeted Imaging

Product Description

Product: Contrast Agent for Targeted In Vivo Imaging. Offered exclusively by MediLumine and co-developed with Cytodiagnostics Inc., a leader in manufacture of gold nanoparticles for Biology and Medicine.

Mvivo AuNHS kit has been optimized for high efficiency conjugation of proteins and other primary amine-containing ligands to gold nanoparticle suspensions with concentrations suitable for targeted in vivo imaging. The kit contains ready-to-use pre-made mixtures. No activation or manipulation of the gold nanoparticles is required prior to conjugation. Simply mix your protein with the pre-activated NHS ester gold nanoparticles supplied in the kit.

Application: Targeted microCT Imaging
Kit Components: Kit component 1 vial  of Mvivo AuNHS (mini), 1 vial of Mvivo AuNHS (maxi), 3 Bottles of Reaction Buffers, 1 Mirad Device, 1 Mirad Buffer
Particle size:  14 ±2 nm
 Miriad™ is a trademark of MedMira Inc.

Two Step Solution for Dose Preparation:

Step 1

Verify your protein’s (or primary amine containing ligand) conjugation to Mvivo AuNHS using Miriad™ rapid test development kit — kit contains enough material to verify three different protein/ligands (or three different concentrations).

Miriad Rapid Test Development Kit

Step 2

Scale-up production of conjugate at an optical density and concentration that is suitable for targeted in X-ray imaging.
Ready to Use Gold Conjugate