Mvivo AuNHS


Mvivo AuNHS for Targeted Imaging

Product Description

Product: Contrast Agent for Targeted In Vivo Imaging.

Mvivo AuNHS kit has been optimized for high efficiency conjugation of proteins and other primary amine-containing ligands to gold nanoparticle suspensions with concentrations suitable for targeted in vivo imaging. The kit contains ready-to-use pre-made mixtures. No activation or manipulation of the gold nanoparticles is required prior to conjugation, which often results in poor performing conjugates. Simply mix your protein with the pre-activated NHS ester gold nanoparticles supplied in the kit. Offered exclusively by MediLumine and co-developed with Cytodiagnostics Inc., a leader in manufacture of gold nanoparticles for Biology and Medicine.

Application: Targeted microCT Imaging
Kit Components: Kit component 1 vial  of Mvivo AuNHS (mini), 1 vial of Mvivo AuNHS (maxi), 3 Bottles of Reaction Buffers, 1 Mirad Device, 1 Mirad Buffer
Particle size:  14 ±2 nm
 Miriad™ is a trademark of MedMira Inc.

Two Step Solution for Dose Preparation:

Step 1

Verify your antibody’s conjugation to NHS activated gold nanoparticles using Miriad™ Rapid Test Development Kit — kit contains enough material to optimize one NHS activated reaction with your protein of interest.

Miriad Rapid Test Development Kit

Step 2

Scale-up production of conjugate at an optical density and concentration that is suitable for targeted in vivo imaging. The kit components provided contain enough reagents for one conjugation reaction with 1.60 mg of your protein of interest.
Ready to Use Gold Conjugate