Mvivo BIS


Mvivo Bis for Liver and Spleen Imaging

Product Description

Product: Bismuth nanoparticled for small animal liver and spleen micro-CT Imaging. The product enables low dose high definition imaging of the liver and spleen system. Following administration, the contrast agent is taken up instantaneously by reticulo-endothelial system (first pass uptake) in liver. The dose required to achieve high-resolution micro-CT imaging is as low as 30 μL (IV admin) for a conventional micro-CT system.
Composition: Bismuth (III) oxide core with starch coating
Concentration: 150 mg/ml
Application: Liver and spleen imaging. Protein conjugation for targeted imaging.
Disciplines: Oncology, hepatic disease research
Particle size: 250 nm
Product information:  Certificate of Analysis


Low Dose High Definition Liver & Spleen Imaging

Mvivo BIS for small animal liver imaging
Representative images (axial, coronal, saggital) acquired 15 minutes post injection following mouse tail vein injection with 30 uL of Mvivo BIS (Courtesy of M. Waleed Gaber, Texas Children’s Hospital).


micro-CT Liver Imaging

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Anatomical micro-CT imaging of NAFLD

  1. Micro-CT Contrast Agents for Detection of Murine Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

Mvivo BIS