Mvivo Imaging Agents

Mvivo™ Contrast Agents for Small Animal Imaging

Mvivo™ nanoparticle agents for small animal in-vivo imaging are ideal for applications such as tumor imaging and targeted imaging that require high resolution contrast agents that match the higher resolution of preclinical imaging modalities such as microCT and microMRI:

Some applications …

Mvivo Au Long Last micro-CT Contrast

Axial slice showing vascular contrast for microCT scan 26 hours post-injection of Mvivo Au at doses of 100 uL (right), 150 uL (left), and 200 uL (top). Courtesy of Dr. Timothy Doyle, Stanford University

Mouse Brain Vasculature Imaging with Mvivo Au

3D reconstruction of µCT acquired images with Mediso 8W NanoSPECT/CT Plus Silver Upgrade scan of baby rat after injection of MediLumine’s Mvivo Au. courtesy of CROmed.

Mvivo BIS for small animal liver imaging

Representative images (axial, coronal, saggital) acquired 15 minutes post injection following mouse tail vein injection with 30 uL of Mvivo BIS (Courtesy of M. Waleed Gaber, Texas Children’s Hospital)




Micro-CT Imaging of Rodent Brain Vasculature

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Micro-CT Imaging of Rodent Liver

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