Rodent Face Mask Systems

Rodent Face Mask Systems

Product: Rodent face masks systems for non-rebreathing anesthesia of small animals.
Features: Masks comes in various different sizes to accommodate different sizes of small animals. System comes with non-rebreathing system to help reduce dead space in mask system and inlet connector for small animal gas anesthesia system. Latex material of diaphragm seals tightly around face of animal and prevents gas leakage. An optional mask stabilizer made from stainless steel (for easy sterilization) is available and keeps the non-rebreathing system in place while working with rodents.



For setup of experimental station with non-rebreathing anesthesia of small animals. 

Complete set of rodent masks Complete with replacement latex sheet and inlet:outlet adaptor for gas inlet and gas evacuation hose

Full Rodent Face Mask System with Non-Rebreathing System, Inlet Connector, and Replacement Latex Sheets as well as O-Ring.