Small Animal Gas Anesthesia Systems

Small Animal Gas Anesthesia Systems

Product: MediLumine’s Small Animal Gas Anesthesia Systems have been designed to maximize safety for operator and reduce stress for small animals under general anesthesia.
Features: The user-friendly system comes equipped with a digitalflow meter and a vaporizer as well as many other optional accessories. Accessories allow for expansion of base unit to a customized unit with a humidifier, manifold diverter systems, multiple delivery system, surgical table, various sized masks, gas scavenger system to maximize safety and various sized induction boxes enabling simultaneous anesthesia of up to 5 small animals.  The system also contains an overflow valve for security.
Specifications: Size: W 260 mm x H 260 mm x D 180 mm with TEC 3 Vaporizer new, 0.1 – 4.0 l/pm
Digital Flowmeter 0.3 – 16 l/pm Weight: approx. 11 kg
Price: Contact us at or toll free (1 844 360 1574) for pricing information.


Our base unit  (SKU#: ML-SAGAS-301) is used internationally for experimental procedures requiring prolonged general anesthesia such as small animal molecular imaging, experimental surgery and various others. This unit has a digital flowmeter and enables conditions for general anesthesia with proper humidification of lungs thereby reducing stress for small animals during the experimental procedure. 
Small Animal Gas Anesthesia System

Base unit (SKU#: ML-SAGAS-301) with Digital Flowmeter, Manifold Diverter and Humidifier

Small Animal Gas Anesthesia System and T-Rail Mounting

Analog Version of Base unit (SKU#: ML-SAGAS-302) with Manifold Diverter and Humidifier as well as Mounting Brackets for T-Rail System