Vaporizer Fill Devices

Vaporizer Fill Devices

Product: MediLumine’s Vaporizer Fill Devices have been designed prevent waste of anesthetic during fill and therefore maximize safety for operator
Features: Vaporizer Fill Devices or bottle adaptors come in two styles, anti-spill and pin index. They are color coded for the specific anesthetic: Red for Halothane, Purple for Isoflurane and Yellow for Sevoflurane. Pin Index fill devices are designed to work with pin indexed or keyed vaporizers. The pin index is a safety feature that prevents a vaporizer from being filled with the wrong anesthetic agent; or cross contaminated with another liquid. The fill device is required if you are using pin indexed vaporizers.


Filling vaporizer with anesthetic reducing risks for spills and prevent exposure to anesthetic during filling procedure.
Vaporizer Fill Device with Key:Pin Index Fill

Vaporizer Fill Device with Key/Pin Index Fill

Vaporizer Fill Device with Funnell Index Fill

Vaporizer Fill Device with Anti-Spill Funnel Index