Vaporizer for Small Animal Anesthesia

Vaporizer for Small Animal Gas Anesthesia

Product: MediLumine’s uses the highest standards of quality to select our vaporizers for small animal anesthesia so maximize safety for operator and reduce stress for small animals.  
Features: Stable vaporiser that gives accuracy of output between +/- 2% and 5% of Dial setting, plus a longer period of “Duration of use”.
Specifications: Calibrated at 22 deg C and 35 deg C +/- 1 deg C.
Calibration range: 0.25% – 0.5% through 5% (Sevoflurane 8%)v.v. (Tec 3 0.5 to 5% No 8% Sevoflurane)).
Fluctuations in temperature, flow rate and duration of use is automatically compensated for during use.
When used with I.P.P.V the variation in output is negligible.
Nominal Working Range : Fresh gas flow – 200 cc to 15 litre/min.
Ambient temperature – 18 deg C to 35 deg C.
Resistance to Gas Flow:
5 cm wg. at “OFF” setting at 5 litre/min oxygen.
21-29 cm wg. when delivering vapour in 5 litre/min oxygen at 21oC.
Liquid Capacity:
Amount of anaesthetic drug to fully charge the vaporiser – 150ml (Tec 3 125ml).
Amount retained by the wick system – 35ml.
Weight & Dimensions
(Screw fill, cagemount)
Weight = 5.5 kg. (Tec 3 – 7.0 kg).
Height = 183mm , Depth 140mm , Width 135mm
Price: Contact us at or toll free (1 844 360 1574) for pricing information.


Temperature and flow compensated vaporizer so that output remains relatively constant despite cooling due to vaporisation and variations in inlet flow.

Vaporizer for Small Animal Anesthesia

Vaporizers for Small Animal Anesthesia