IRIS MicroPET/CT System Now Available in North-America

MediLumine is pleased to announce our new partnership with inviscan SAS to help supply the IRIS microPET/CT imaging system in North-America. This revolutionary platform provides integrated small animal PET and CT imaging with multiple configuration options that are ideal for preclinical as well as translational research with non-human primates.

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Fully automated respiratory gating with CT without need for respiratory or ECG sensors
Cardiac gating with 20 phases per R-R interval
Obese mouse model (B6; 129) following IV admin of 6 MBq 18F-FDG.
Kinetic data obtained from scan with following time frames:
8×5” + 8×10” + 3×40” + 2×60” + 2×120” + 2×300”

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