The IRIS micro-CT preclinical imaging system is a revolutionary scanner capable of providing three dimensional CT images of live mouse and rat as well as fixed biological samples and materials.

In addition, the system allows for 4D CT imaging with gating that does not require any ECG or respiratory sensor.

The unique scanner can be upgraded to a PET-CT imaging system at the customer’s location.

Fully automated respiratory gating with CT acquisition for only 40s
Cardiac gating with 20 phases per R-R interval

Ex-vivo bone imaging of femur sample from rat. Scan parameters used were 80kVp, 1mA, 2000 projs, 2 min scan time


  • Bore size = 100 mm
  • Mouse: Axial FOV 100 mm Transaxial FOV 40 mm
  • Rat: Axial FOV 90 mm and Transaxial FOV 80 mm
  • Fully shielded (< 1 μSv/h)
  • X-ray tube voltage: 35 – 80 kV
  • X-ray tube current: 0 – 1 mA
  • Resolution: 6.8 lp/mm @ 10% MTF
  • Minimum voxel resolution < 30 μm
  • Fastest whole-mouse scan < 8s
  • Lowest dose < 6.5 mGy

Download the IRIC micro-CT brochure

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