The IRIS PET preclinical imaging system is a revolutionary multimodal capable of providing PET images of live mouse and rat. The system allows for pharmacokinetic PET imaging of the full animal’s body in single bed position and 4D CT imaging with gating that does not require any ECG or respiratory sensor.

The unique imaging system can be upgraded at client’s location (PET to PET-CT).

Obese mouse model (B6; 129) following IV admin of 6 MBq 18F-FDG.
Kinetic data obtained from scan with following time frames:
8×5” + 8×10” + 3×40” + 2×60” + 2×120” + 2×300”


  • Optimized for rodent imaging
  • High performance
  • High throughput
  • Easy to use
  • Cost-effective
  • Highest sensitivity PET
  • PET spatial resolution near 1 mm
  • Full mouse FOV
  • Best energy resolution (13%)
  • Low dose and high resolution
  • Kinetic PET imaging
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