The IRIS XL PET-CT preclinical imaging system is a revolutionary multimodal scanner capable of providing three dimensional CT and PET images of primates and larger animals.

The system is is fully shielded from X-rays and allows for pharmacokinetic PET imaging in single bed position and low dose 4D CT imaging with gating that does not require any ECG or respiratory sensor with PET and CT images automatically fused in the analysis software and automated attenuation correction of PET images from the CT image.

The unique platform provides integrated PET-CT imaging with single modality configurations that can be upgraded at client’s location (PET to PET-CT or CT to PET-CT).

Female Macaca fascicularis, 4.5 kg • 80 kV, 0.9 mA, 98 s per bed 2 bed positions 0.12 mm isotropic voxel size iterative reconstruction algorithm. Arrow indicates inflammation area
Female Macaca fascicularis, 4.5 kg • 85 MBq [18F]-FDG i.v. PET imaging: 15 min per bed, 2 bed positions 40 min after injection 0.84 mm voxel size CT imaging 80 kV, 0.9 mA 52 s per bed, 2 bed positions 0.16 mm voxel size


  • Bore size: 26 cm
  • Optimized for big models
  • High resolution PET
  • High resolution CT
  • Ultrafast and low dose CT
  • Fully shielded system

Specifications PET

  • Spatial resolution: ~ 1 mm (CFOV), 1.3 mm (50 mm off-centre)
  • Sensitivity: ~ 2.8% (single ring system)
  • Energy resolution: 14%
  • Transaxial FOV: 210 mm
  • Axial FOV for single bed position: 52 mm (single ring system)
  • Axial FOV for multiple bed positions: > 400 mm

Specifications CT

  • Spatial resolution: ~ 70 µm @ 10% MTF
  • Minimum voxel size: < 55 µm Scan time: 2-4 min (high resolution) / 20-60 s (standard) / ≤ 8 s (fast) Transaxial FOV: 210 mm Axial FOV for single bed positon: > 80 mm
  • Axial FOV for multiple bed positons: > 400 mm
  • Environmental x-ray dose: < 1 µSv/h

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