Vascupaint™ lead-free silicone injection compounds for ex vivo imaging of vasculature with micro-CT, microscopy, and NIR/SWIR fluorescence imaging.  The injection compounds come in five different colors including yellow (bismuth-based micro-CT) and green (pigment green for NIR/SWIR). Vascupaint™ is a less viscous alternative to conventionally used lead-based Microfil compounds.

The 3D reconstructed images were obtained from microCT images acquired with scans at a resolution of 6 microns on a SkyScan 1276 imaging system. Brain organs were harvested following perfusion with MediLumine’s Vascupaint™ silicone injection compound containing X-ray attenuating bismuth pigments. Courtesy of Dr. Sean Marrelli (UT Health) and Bruker Preclinical Imaging (Billerica, MA)

Brightfield microscopy image of murine brain vasculature following perfusion with Vascupaint yellow is courtesy of Sean Marelli, Department of Neurology, McGovern Medical School at UTHealth, Houston, TX.



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