Win up to $500 USD Towards your Next Imaging Conference

When you’re working in the lab, it’s hard to press pause on work. But networking at conferences is crucial for reconnecting with friends, keeping the creative energy flowing, and unlocking new ideas.  So we’re celebrating scientific networking by offering up to $500 USD to cover your conference registration costs for scientist in preclinical imaging related fields

Contest closes on June 9 at 10 AM EST, 2022 and the winners will be determined at 11 AM EST on same day using google’s random number generator. The winners must provide proof of conference registration to receive their award. The winners will be compensated for their cost of conference registration, up to $500 USD, depending on their registration fees. This contest is for scientist working with small animal imaging techniques and is for conferences held in 2022. MediLumine Inc. may release the winners’ names and reproduce the resulting content in promotional materials, in print, electronic, or other media, including on the MediLumine website and social media platforms. By participating in this contest, you grant and assign to MediLumine the right to use this content for such purposes. This promotion and any matter arising from it shall be exclusively governed by the laws of Quebec, Canada.

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